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Hiru Mega Stars - RAVANS Vs MAYANS - 25th March 2017

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Added by Admin in Reality Shows
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Hiru Mega Stars -  RAVANS Vs MAYANS - 25th March 2017

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  • Sri lankan from New York Added We miss you Ravans. We always like to watch your quality dancing. I watched your dancers what you did for fast weeks over and over like five six times each dance. Unfortunately you couldn't understand Judges test. Their test is fast dances for fast music. That is why they are praising after the fast dances . They says that they can't believe the energy what they put in that ten minutes. Shakyans recognize that. That is why they always do fast dances.That is how they got many gold buzzers and came up to the 1st.
  • Dammi Rajarathna Added sri lankan from canada
    judges Ravans lata salakanne harima naraka vidiyata. anith groups walata swayang warayatath gold buzzer denawa uwamananethi thaleta. Ravans lage podi dewal lokuwata
    waradi pennanawa. Ravans dancing igenagath aya innawa. usas mattame ugath gayakayek
    innawa. eth eyalata harima asadharana vidiyata lakunu laba denawa. mewa harima asadharanai. Hiru nalikawa mewa gana meetawada salakilimath wiya uthui. anith nalikawala
    reality shows wala karanawa wage judgesla wenas kala uthui. elaga watayedi. me dewal api balanne pita ratawala indalai Ravans ape kauruth nemei. namuth ugath kalakaruwanta apahasa karana eka kalakaruwange wagakeema noviya uthui. meya Hiru nalikawata kalalak.
    waha piyawarak ganna.
  • Kandy - Kusum Added Judges pushed the Ravans out from the competition very bad way.
    Ravan's dance was not that bad to get that much low points.It was a sad situation.
  • Sri Lankan from USA Added I am very disappointed today by the way the judges gave very Low points to the Ravans for their first dance. I watched in the past weeks that other group's dancers who were not as good being given higher points by the judges. This is not very nice or fair. I am very sad.
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