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Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 74 - 22nd August 2016

වීඩියෝ නරබීමේදී ගැටළු පවතී නම් හැකි ඉක්මනින් අපට SMS කරන්න.

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Bus strike on Negombo-Colombo route

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Swarnavahini Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 74 - 22nd August 2016

the new servant girl brings the rope and Koki asks Gopi to tie one end to Rashi wrist while dramatic music is playing and everyone is getting dramatic reaction shots. Then Rashi is asked to tie the other end to Gopi\’s wrist..again with dramatic music. Once it is done Koki says you two love each other so much…You like to show each other\’s goodness and hide errors. Well this will give you a chance to be together all the time. And you better not undo the ropes otherwise you\’re going to get even harder punishment. Now go to the guest rooms and clean them out like this. Gopi looks all scared and Rashi isn\’t happy and has the fish out of water look where her lips are moving but there is no sound.
When the girls leave…Koki says to baa and hetal don\’t look at me like that I know what I am doing!!!!

The girls go to a guest room and Rashi tries to pull on the rope (which look like perfect nooses interesting that the girls were able to do that!) and says to Gopi that I have to take this punishment because of you. Then she sits on the bed reading a magazine while Gopi starts to dust. Then they hear foot steps and it is Kinjal. Rashi pretends to dust too. Kinjals starts to taunt and tease the girls. Just then Koki comes into the room and says to Kinjal “the Mehtas coming back to see you and hopefully they will bring the boy this time. You must wear this sari” She hands Kinjal a box and says “I didn\’t go out to buy this sari I bought it on some shopping channel I didn\’t even have to leave the house” (gag such a blatant plug for a shopping channel…another way for the women be stuck at home all day all the time)
Koki turns her attention back to girls and tells them to get back to work. Kinjal is lost in her world but Gopi says to her this such good news…rashi looks at her and says how come you look sad. The boy\’s family is coming on Nag Panchmi but you look like the nag (snake) has already bitten you? Kinjal gives the girls a evil look and walks out. Gopi says “she must be sad because she is the only girl in the family and doesn\’t want to leave her home” Rashi is all I don\’t care let\’s get back to work before your saas gets mad at me. Gopi continues to work while Rashi looks around and yells at Gopi for yanking the rope. Then she wants to go to the bathroom with Gopi on the outside..remember the rope is not verylong. She goes inside and calls Urmi (oh god this is not going well at all they are continuing with the stupid tricks)

Rashi gives Urmi an update. Urmi tells Rashi to take Gopi to the Kitchen. Rashi is like I don\’t want to mummy I am still having flashbacks of the cooker incident she is all whinny!! Urmi is okay then I am putting the phone down…She then tells Rashi to have Gopi work in the Kitchen and have gopi cut her hand with a knife. That will melt Koki\’s heart. (not sure how this will help Rashi)
Next scene the girls are in the kitchen but Gopi says its too early to cook but Rashi says it will take us a long time so let\’s start. I will wash the veggie and you cut. The new servant girl comes to get Gopi but Rashi yells at her. Then while Gopi is cutting the spinach Rashi yanks on the rope again and the knife falls to the ground and Rashi yells. So enter Koki, Hetal and Baa. Of course Koki starts on Rashi – you and the kitchen don\’t mix you come in and something goes wrong. Rashi is like the knife almost fell on my foot…Koki – cut the natak you drama queen (I think that is what she meant) Ba is like let it go (not sure when I turned into a valley girl but I can\’t seem to help it…its like like like)

Koki says how can I let this go. You have to leave me to do this ba. She then says to Rashi don\’t make me mad otherwise you\’re not going to like what happens (the incredible hulk reference from me)
Next scene we see our gorgeous Aham on the phone at the office “I vill be vaiting for you (do you hear my impression of Aham in english?) Thank you” He hangs up the phone and smiles to himself. He then dials the phone home and asks for Mom and says “very important NRI clients are coming (whats with the NRIs??) for tea at home @6. I want to show them some goodGujrati style hospitality. They are happy with my work already but this will really seal the deal. ” Mom is like yes dekra you leave everything to me.
The scene goes back to the kitchen and Hetal is coughing and Ba prescripts a home made remedy. Koki comes back in and says “Kamla (the new servant girl I finally figured out her name) come and cut the rope. Today Aham ke some very important clients are coming and we don\’t want any drama in front of them.” to the girls “you may have gotten out of this punishment but I hope you have learned your lesson. You may have received your freedom but your sins are not forgotten by me. Because of you it\’s not just my Aham that is upset the whole family is upset. There is no peace in this house. Rashi get out of the kitchen I don\’t want you to screw anything up for Aham. Because I am going to make sure there a no mistakes.”

Koki continues. Gopi and I will work in the Kitchen and Rashi there is lots of other work to be done and goes to Hetal hope you don\’t mind but Rashi can only stay in the kitchen if she works exactly the way I want. Hetal – there is nothing to mind after all work is work we can do it outside. You tell us what needs to be done. Koki says the temple needs to be cleaned and Rashi make sure you put fresh flowers in each of the vases.
Next scene – Koki, Gopi and Kamla are working in the kitchen. Koki asks Gopi to do something and says I better go check on Rashi. Gopi says that I am sure she is working hard (something along those lines) Koki says you don\’t have to defend her, first you were trying to hide her mistakes and now you\’re trying to protect her when she hasn\’t even done anything. She then passes something to Gopi and notices a bruise on Gopi\’s wrist where the rope was. Koki asks Kamla to bring the medicine box and asks her to put some cream on Gopi\’s wrist. She then asks Gopi not to look down like that (you all know how Gopi hangs her head like a day old flower sometimes ) and understand never to defend Rashi to me. Gopi kind of looks puzzled as Koki walks away.

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