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Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 76 - 24th August 2016

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Swarnavahini Mage Sanda Obai Teledrama - Episode 76 - 24th August 2016

Drama starts with Rashi and Jigar coming down the stairs to the main living room where the guests are being entertained by Aham. Jigar says we still have half an hour we should be able to go to the movie. Then he interrupts Aham to ask for his car keys. Aham says sure but before you go, can you get me the Shah file from the office, it\’s on my desk and be quick about it. Jigar and Rashi are not happy. Jigar says but we were going to the movies. But Aham callously says that you can go to the movies tomorrow but Mr Shah may need to go out of the country tomorrow so it\’s important. Then in front of the guests and Jigar\’s wife (even though it is only Rashi) Aham insults Jigar by saying “you can\’t handle the office workload, at least you can get me the file”. Everyone including the guests are uncomfortable. Rashi stomps back upstairs and Jigar is humiliated but leaves to get the file. (I can\’t believe he treated Jigar like that)
Next Koki interrupts and says I did say that I was getting my Bahu but she is not feeling well so I sent her upstairs to rest. Baa notices and asks the servant girl (the real one not Gopi) where is Gopi and Kamla says in the kitchen working. Baa is left puzzled as to why Koki lied.
Next scene is in Kinjal bedroom…Kinjal is moving things in her closet and a picture of her and the boyfriend falls. She is all upset and wants to rip it but can\’t so puts it back in her closet.

Kinjal is still in her bedroom and the stalker/blackmailer calls. And threatens her regarding her getting married into a good family. He demands Rs 200,000 and tells her he will call back tell her where to send it.
Next scene poor baa is in her room when Koki comes because baa must have called her. Why did you tell guest that Gopi is sick when she is busy in the kitchen. Koki says I never lie but Gopi forced me lie because she didn\’t want to see to the guests. I tried to force her but she dropped a plate of flour on herself. How could I send her out messy and eyes full of tears? I had to give in and lie as you saw…how is this my fault? Baa is all shocked.
Back to the guests – as they are talk the clumsy one drops a plate or glass, didn\’t see. Gopi comes to check it out and the guest calls her over. Koki sees this and says that she has a name, the guest responds that I don\’t know your servant\’s name. Koki is shocked and gives Aham the evil eye and understands what happened with Gopi. Koki was fabulous today ….(today at this point I fell out of lust with Aham and fell in love with his mother. I love her. And hate her son. ) Sorry I digress. She says there must be a misunderstanding because that is not a servant that is my DIL Gopi. She asks Gopi to come forward and says that my son Aham is so involved in his work that he doesn\’t know who is coming or going in front him. He must have not noticed who served the food. If you ask him what he had for breakfast he wont be able to tell you (neither can I but I am never obnoxious to my husband…at least not in front of others). Aham looks chastised and Koki forces him to introduce Gopi to the guests.

Aham introduces Gopi to the guests. “ye hai my wife Mrs Gopi Modi” The red headed desi NRI, pretending to be a foreigner, says “how are you?” and Gopi doesn\’t know what he said and says “yes” the redhead says “how do you do” and Gopi says “no” The first one says Mr John said aap kesi ho? And Gopi says “very good” in hindi. Koki and Gopi walk away. Gopi tries to talk to Koki but Koki walks away. Kinjal walks up to Gopi and mocks her regarding her lack of education don\’t want to get too much into it …it was pretty awful!
Next scene is in Rashi\’s bedroom. She calls Urmi to say I can\’t handle this anymore.

It\’s very windy out and the windows are open. Rashi\’s hair is blowing in the wind. She goes on to complain to her mom that you worked so hard to get me married off into this rich home but it is for nothing. I have no standing in this house my husband is a chaprasi the closest translation is gofer, not sure if that is a North American term or not. Rashi continues that while I am struggling with no respect, that Gopi is acting like the queen of the house as we speak. Either I leave this house or Gopi does. Urmi is like I know some our schemes have failed (ha!) but we can figure this out…more scheming..Then the phone cuts off because of the storm. Rashi calls for Mani but no one responds to her. She tries to close the window herself…she is in self pity…that her husband and her have to do everything in this house. As she is struggling to close the window Jigar comes back and helps her. It\’s all romantic and I start to gag and can\’t watch. Jigar asks Rashi to go for a drive in the stormy weather!!

Rashi and Jigar sneak off, as Aham in his black sherwari is walking to his new bedroom (I will no longer stop to admire Aham..until he comes to his senses and turns himself around). Gopi too walks by the bedroom and see the open window and goes to close it. This is when Aham turns into an abuser and my lust meltes away and nafrat (hate) takes it place.
Aham shouts at Gopi – you have decided not to let me live in peace. Something about I can\’t breath when I see you but really means I can\’t stand the sight of you. His face is all mean and nasty. Gopi tries to say I just came in to close the window. As she is walking away he grabs her and says “what do you want from me. Enough of this innocent drama. You\’re standing there as if you don\’t understand me but you do everything to make me look bad in front of my family. You know what Gopi is doing at this point. Aham continues “today you did this in front of outsiders who happen to be very important business clients. If you don\’t understand English then why do you say the wrong things….why didn\’t stay quiet? You had say something! You had to show that the wife of Aham Parag Modi is unpar (uneducated) gavar (backwards) and jahill (not sure exactly what that means but it is really bad) Aham looked like a real abuser as he spews all the abuse and Gopi looked broken.

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