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Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 536 - 17th August 2016

වීඩියෝ නරබීමේදී ගැටළු පවතී නම් හැකි ඉක්මනින් අපට SMS කරන්න.

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Around 103 incidents of election violence have been reported in the Mullaitivu District as of yesterday (7), according to the district Returning Officer. MORE..

8 Feb 2018 (11:22 AM)

Four Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, including a pregnant woman, who arrived off Dhanushkodi coast in Rameswaram by an illegal ferry service on Thursday were arrested, Indian media reported. MORE..

8 Feb 2018 (2:37 PM)

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) say it has initiated a programme to eliminate Corporal Punishment meted out to children in all settings. MORE..

8 Feb 2018 (5:57 PM)

Campaigning for the 2018 Local Authorities Election will come to an end as all election propaganda activities will be prohibited from midnight today (February 7). MORE..

8 Feb 2018 (1:10 AM)

President Maithripala Sirisena says that he is not prepared to govern the country with corrupt individuals. MORE..

7 Feb 2018 (7:25 PM)

Resource : Ada Derana

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Sirasa Tv Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 536 - 17th August 2016


The Episode starts with Sarik’s Homecoming and then Abhishek talking to Mihika to end her annoyance. Manoj comes home and sees Shagun sad. He says why is Ruhi sad and plays music to distract her. She greets him and says she likes old melodious songs. He says yes, I m surprised a modern girl like you likes such songs. She says you don’t know about me. He says true, what do I know about you, I can hear if you want to say, its good to lessen burden of heart to any stranger, as he won’t judge her, he is not her friend, but still always there for her. She says thanks and goes.

The Bhalla family is happy seeing the ring finding ceremony. Rinki explains about it. Sarika gets the ring in first round. Raman asks Romi to find it. Romi gets it and now its final round. Sarika gets the ring and the women clap for her. Rinki says Sarika won and can make Romi do anything. Raman jokes on Rinki. Sarika says Romi did a lot for me and Rohit. Ishita sits sad and takes Sarika to room.


Romi sits in compound, and is nervous. He tells the men that he won’t go to Sarika. Raman asks him to go. Mr. Bhalla asks him to come home. Raman asks him to just go and sends him. Romi comes home and tells Ishita that he is scared, how to go. Ishita takes care of Rohit. She asks Romi why is he scared, is the word suhaagraat troubling him, its awkward and new for him, but all the rituals, decorations and everything is way to get husband and wife together, to make them accept each other. Sarika has seen many ups and downs, you can make her happy, she will be more scared, think about her, give her all the lost confidence back. He says you know you are great. She asks him to go. Romi leaves.

Raman comes and says you gave him good training, and flirts with her. She says she has to make Rohit sleep. He says he will make mum take care of Rohit, if we both love each other, whats the problem. They see Abhishek and Mihika fighting. Abhishek and Mihika see Raman and Ishita and leave. Ishita says they were fighting in marriage too, I will go and talk to Mihika. Raman asks what about me, you come soon. She gives him Rohit and asks him to rest. She leaves.


She cries outside and recalls Ruhi and Manoj’s words. She says I can’t tell this to anyone, not even Raman. Romi tells Sarika that he is a big loser, his life is set after she came in his life, he wants to tell something from his heart. He holds her hand and swears to keep her happy always, she will never compromise because of him. He asks her to stop him from doing anything wrong, then they will be husband and wife in right sense. She smiles and hugs him. Raman waits for Ishita. Ishita stays outside and thinks how to tell Raman, that their dream can’t be fulfilled.

Raman messages her asking how much time more. She replies she is talking to Mihika. He replies he is missing her and asks her to come soon. She asks him to sleep. He asks is everything fine. They have a chat. Raman sleeps. She sits in the compound and gets sad.


Ishita comes to her room and cries seeing Raman sleeping. She covers him with blanket. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………..plays…………. She says I m very sorry, I could not fulfill our dream. Its morning, Raman wakes up by phone’s ring. The nurse tells him about Ishita’s reports and asks him to collect. He asks whats written in report and requests her to say as he wants to know it soon. She says fine, and tells that Ishita can get pregnant. He gets glad and thanks her. She says but, her uterus is very weak, its not strong enough to carry a baby. He gets sad and asks her did she tell this to Ishita. She says no, her phone is not reachable. He requests her not to tell Ishita, he will say his way. She says fine and ends call. He sits crying and thinks about Ishita.

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