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Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 538 - 19th August 2016

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Sirasa Tv Me Adarayai Sinhala Teledrama Episode 538 - 19th August 2016

The Episode starts with Ishita crying. Raman pacifies her. Ruhi comes to show her grades and Mrs. Bhalla blesses her. Ruhi says she will show the certificate to Ishi Maa. Ishita says she wants the baby for Ruhi, not herself. Ruhi is so excited about the baby, I had no hopes, I wanted Ruhi to get a sibling, Manoj came in our lives, everyone said good about his treatment, I got hope, what will we tell Ruhi, that her baby won’t come. Ruhi hears this and cries. Ishita says she has failed. Raman asks her not to break down, else who will see Ruhi. Ruhi runs from there and says she is going to Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla says she is not tired after coming from school. Ruhi cries standing outside the home.

Raman pacifies Ishita. She says I m not incomplete when you are with me. They smile. Sarika and Romi have a talk. She asks Romi to go office, she is with him since a month, he is acting as if they are together now. He says we have a baby, we have to understand our priority is different. She says we have to secure future for our baby, if he takes leaves, its their loss. Ishita looks on. Romi gets annoyed and leaves.

Ishita says sorry, I should have not heard it, I felt you are right, but Romi is not totally wrong, he is behaving so as he loves you. Romi goes out. Mrs. Bhalla says did he have argument with Sarika. Ishita and Sarika have a laugh talking. She asks Sarika to give some time to Romi, enjoy his pampering, they will understand each other. Mrs. Bhalla comes and hears them. Ishita asks Sarika to resume her work. Sarika says I don’t want to do assistant work. Ishita says then upgrade yourself, do any correspondence course and you can get any good job. Sarika says its great idea, I will ask Romi, thanks. Mrs. Bhalla leaves.

Ruhi comes to hospital and asks for Ishita Bhalla’s doctor. She gets adamant and nurse takes her. Ishita asks about Ruhi. Mrs Bhalla says she came from school, she was happy, she said she will show certificate. Ishita says she did not come. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to Shravan. Ishita looks for her. Raman says don’t know where she went. Sarika says she is not with Romi too. They all try finding her. Ishita gets a call and is shocked.

Ruhi meets Manoj and tells how Mukherjee said he will help her, why is he saying Ishi Maa won’t get baby, I won’t let you lie. She cries. Manoj says I know you love Ishi Maa a lot and want a baby, but its not simple. Ruhi cries and asks him why. Raman and Ishita come there. Ishita says its not doctor’s mistake, try to understand. Raman asks Ruhi to listen. Manoj says I will check Ishita again, till then you and your Papa wait outside. Ruhi refuses. He asks her to go.

Raman talks to Ruhi. He says how can I tell you, its not in fate. He cries sharing his pain with her. Manoj talks to Ishita. Raman sees Ruhi gone and looks for her. He sees Ruhi praying. Manoj does Ishita’s tests and asks her to take the pregnancy test. She gets clueless. He insists based on her tests. Ruhi cries and prays. Raman gets a call and says he can’t come right now. Manoj asks Raman to go. Raman asks how can I go, my wife is there, my daughter is praying. Ruhi asks Manoj about Ishita’s tests. Manoj says some tests are there. Ruhi asks why did he disturb her in her prayers, just go.

Raman asks Manoj why is he giving false hope to Ruhi. Manoj says Ishita is strong, don’t worry, she is fine. Ishita gets shocked seeing the pregnancy test result and shows the kit to Manoj. He smiles and says you know its meaning. She gets teary eyed and says that I m pregnant. He says exactly, it’s a miracle. She says you said its nothing. He says there can’t be 100% sure in medical science, this is clear now. She cries and smiles.

Ruhi says she will tell everyone. Ishita tells Raman that she conceived their baby, she is pregnant. He gets shocked and glad. 

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