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Prema Dadayama Teledrama - Episode 13 - 24th June 2016

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Sirasa TV  Prema Dadayama Teledrama - Episode 13 - 24th June 2016

Prema Dadayama epsiode starts with Shivanya getting tensed when Ritik tells that he know realized that his wife is a snake and came come from window.  Ritik laughs and says he was joking.  He searched her in whole house, but she is here near window.   He says they are going for a long drive and asks her to get ready in 9 minutes.  He gives her sari and sends her to changing room.  Shivanya thinks she has to meet Shesha first, so she has to get out of room somehow.

Inebriated Suri continues parying with Shailesh and Ankush.    Sesha comes there with snake form.

Shivanya changes to snake form and tries to leave silently.   Yamini is busy on phone talking to her astrologer and convincing her to come here.  Shivanya changes back to human behind pillar and comes out suddenly.   Yamini is surprised to see suddenly. Shivanya says she knows an astrologer who had come to her village long ago, she can call her.  Yamini asks her to call her to the hotel directly.

Ritik comes.   Shivanya changes into snake form and follows him.   He knocks changing room and asks Shivanya to come out.  Shivanya changes into human form again, stands behind Ritik and asks whom he is calling.  He is shocked to see her behind.   She taunts he told her snake and told she can come whever she likes and go whenever she likes.  He says he was just joking.    They both go down. Yamini says they all are going to hotel as Suri is going back to Canada tonight.  Ritik says they are going for a long drive.  Shivanya says enjoyment doubles with family and they attend Suri’s party today.

Shivanya goes to hotel with Ritik and Yamini. She sees Yamini’s face reader friend going into washroom and closes it from inside and then makes  her unconscious.  Sesha comes there and asks if she is ready to take revenge.  Shivanya says yes.  Sesha asks her to change herself to face reader and start her revenge.  Shivanya takes face reader Anu’s form.

Yamini tells Ankush and others that she has called astrologer here.   Yamini says astrolger is old fashion, she has called her face reader friend Anu here.  Shailesh asks her not to bore everyone here.   Suri says let her call, it will be great entertainment.  Shivanya enters in face reader Anu’s disguise.  Yamini asks her to read her newly married son’s face first.

Anu takes Ritik to a separate room and tells he should not trust anyone much, not even his wife.  He says he can trust Shivanya with closed eyed,  she married him to save his life when his girlfriend Tanvi left him in mantap.  She has suffered a lot since her childhood, but does not share her pain,  she takes care of everyone and ready to help, he respects her thinking.    He angrily leaves then.  Shivanya changes back and emotionally thinks why she is getting attracted to him so much.

Yamini enters next.  Shivanya changes back to Anu and tells her that a second woman will enter in her husband’s life.  She says it is impossible and her husband is very loyal.   Anu says her face is telling this and they are not her words.   Yamini gets  tensed.

Suri’s wife goes to washroom.  Sesha comes there and stands in place of mirror.  Yamini gets tensed seeing different face.  Sesha makes her unconscious and takes her form.  She walks out of washroom and clashes with Shailesh.   Shailesh holds her and she lures him. He gets lured and looks at her.  Yamini comes there and she silently leaves.   Yamini asks why was he holding Suri’s wife.   He says she slipped, so he held her and takes her from there.   Sesha changes to herself and smirks.

Ritik knocks Shivanya’s room door and asks her to come out.  She is with Shesha and gets tensed.  Shesha hides.  Shivanya opens door and he asks her come out and join family back.  Once he leaves, she thinks she has to be with Sesha and has to do something.

Yamini goes to Suri’s room and says his third wife is very modern.  Suri says yes she is.  She asks where is she from. Suri says from Australia and loves him a lot.   He then asks what did face reader say.   Yamini says she is mad and told that Shailesh will have another woman in his life.

Suri’s wife gets out of washroom.  Shailesh starts flirting with her.  She pushes him and leaves.  He thinks this is her new style to lure him and smirks.   Suri’s wife goes to her room and complains Suri that his friend Shailesh is disgusting, he was commenting on her lips, body, etc.  He asks if she means he was eyeing on her.  She says yes.

Shailesh starts drinking alcohol in his room alone.  Sesha changes to Suri’s wife and starts luring him.   She tries to take ring from his finger when Yamini comes and catches them red handed.  Suri’s wife silently leaves and changes back to Sesha and smirks.   Yamini starts fighting with Shailesh.

Suri’s real wife passes by and asks why are they fighting.  Yamini starts fighting with her.   Suri enters and starts fighting with Yamini and then Shailesh.  Both Shailesh and Suri start beating each other.  Sesha smirks thinking now they will throw rings.   Ankush intereferes and takes them from there.   Shivanya comes and thinks she will kill them at any cost.

Ritik takes back Shivanya home and in room asks her why is she sad.  She says she does not know what to believe or what not.   He says trust is everything.   She goes near window and her finger injures between window.   He asks her what happened and says she should learn trusting people.  He leans on her shoulder and says he thinks he is in love with her now.


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