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Udayakantha Warnasooriya - Bahuboothayo Sinhala Comedy Movie

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Sinhala Comedy Movie

Udayakantha Warnasooriya

Mahendra Perera
Rodney Warnakula
Paboda Sandeepani
Wijaya Nandasiri
Srinath Maddumage

This is another highly entertaining and creative production by the talented and versatile new generation film maker Udayakantha Warnasuriya for whom entertainment value is a top priority.  “Bahubuthayo” is the fascinating story of the hilarious experiences of two young journalists.  Bunty and Lanti who go out on an assignment to the southern village of kirindiwela, to write a feature on devil dancing and exorcist rituals for a Travel publication. While spending their first night in the jungle home of a village elder named Elaris, Bunty and Lanti were pleasantly surprised to encounter a pretty young woman.  Tikiri, who Elaris told them was his domestic helper.  When Bunty and Lanti set out the next morning they suddenly found Tikiri following them.  When all their efforts to send her back home failed, the desperate young men explain their plight to the Chief Priest of the village temple who informed them that Tikiri was infarct an evil spirit which posed off as a human being and who had been charmed by Elaris to live with him as him help maid.  The shocked journalists plead with the Chief Priest to save them from this ‘women’ Eventually, Bunty and Lanti return to Colombo believing that their traumatic experience had ended, but in fact it had only begun.  Tikiri continues to haunt them and their efforts to get rid of her all go to make ‘Bahubuthayo’an entertaining and hilarious comedy, which you will thoroughly enjoy.

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